Engineering Research Psychologist


An Engineering Research Psychologist plays a critical role within the Flight Deck Human Factors Research Branch. He or she is responsible for developing, evaluating, performing, and reporting research that provides valuable information regarding aircraft cockpit systems, aviation technology, pilot performance, and aviation safety issues. Human Factors is recognized as one of the premier considerations in aviation safety, and it is the primary duty of the Engineering Research Psychologist to provide as much detailed and accurate information as possible. Engineering Research Psychologists work in the field with commercial pilots, in laboratories, and simulated flying environments. Their duties include producing technical papers, operational procedures, and test instruments.


Engineering Research Psychologists lead the aviation world in understanding and effectively dealing with human factors. Due to the enormous responsibilities that this entails, the job can be very stressful at times.


Candidates must have experience in the psychology and engineering of human factors, technical research studies, methods and techniques of analysis, and the presentation of scientific research projects. Knowledge of commercial and general aviation is required. Documented experience with designing and executing research studies on human performance, decision-making, task analysis and other topics within the context of man-machine or computer-human interfaces is preferred.


Applicants must be United States citizens. Applicants for the position of Engineering Research Psychologist must have a four year accredited university or college degree with a major in psychology. A PhD or equivalent is required for research positions of an investigative, scientific, or research nature.


Some on the job training will be provided.


Most Engineering Research Psychologist positions have weekday schedules, except when a special project requires an exception.

Salary and Benefits

Benefits include health and life insurance, personal leave days, ten paid holidays per year, flexible spending accounts, a uniform allowance, family medical leave plan, retirement plan, transportation subsidies, and paid training.

$50,972.00 – $78,989.00

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