Airline Jobs – Ground / Airport Station Attendant


Depending on the airlines, this position is known as an airline informational representative, ground attendant, station attendant, special assistant coordinator, or airport informational representative. The main responsibility of these representatives is to assist passengers in the terminal with general questions regarding directions, terminal services, or arranging wheelchair access. Representatives often handle customer complaints and as a result are among the more visible airport employees. Some employees function as translators and specialize in working with foreign travelers.


Working in the airline industry is exciting, and many enjoy working with the public, especially in a role where they have the opportunity to help others. There are also travel benefits associated with this job.


This job requires long hours without sitting. Because planes fly at all hours, representatives are needed around the clock which can mean working nights, weekends, and holidays. Uniforms must be worn for this job. Representatives may face difficult or awkward situations dealing with troubled customers and problems that they may be experiencing.


This position requires the ability to remain calm in stressful conditions. Excellent communication skills are important, and fluency in several languages is preferred. Representatives must be able to stand or walk for long hours.


A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Some airlines require a minimum age of 18 or older.


To reflect the goals and public image of the airline, each company generally provides comprehensive training to their representatives.

Salary and Benefits

The annual salary of representatives ranges from $18,000-$33,000.00 per year. Benefits may include paid vacation, dental and life insurance, sick leave, retirement plan, free or reduced airfare for employees and immediate family members.

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