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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was created in 1958 as a result of the Federal Aviation Act. Back then, it was known as the Federal Aviation Agency. In 1967, when the Department of Transportation took over the agency, the name was changed to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA’s primary role is to provide a safe and efficient aerospace system within the United States. This includes civil aviation and the emerging field of space transportation. The FAA is also tasked with controlling aircraft noise and other aviation factors that effect the environment.

Another major component of the FAA is developing, staffing, and maintaining the country’s air traffic control system. A new system is now under review and is in the testing phase. Eventually, it will replace the current air traffic control system, one that has been in place since the 1950’s. Because civil and military air traffic levels have dramatically increased over the last 50 years, and the average speed of aircraft has also increased, the current air traffic control system is inefficient and outdated. The new system will be able to accommodate substantially more aircraft flying at the same time and in closer proximity to one another without compromising safety.

Some FAA personnel focus on enforcing safety regulations. They certify pilots and airports at which airlines fly in and out of. They also enforce FAA laws regarding the design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of all aircraft within the United States.

Another branch of the FAA concerns itself with air navigation facilities. These are structures, equipment, and technology that assists aircraft with navigation. This includes radar systems, computers, flight service stations, and communications equipment.

Applying for FAA Jobs

The FAA’s website is The latest announcements about jobs and FAA news is often found on their homepage. Review the list of available FAA jobs at by entering the desired criteria such as job criteria and desired salary. Each job is categorized by announcement number, and each has its own detailed description of requirements and other information. Most FAA jobs must be applied for online. Once you’ve applied, if the FAA determines that you qualify for a particular position, they keep your application on file for up to one year. As vacancies become available, the agency hires from this group of pre-qualified applicants.

At you can fill out an online application for Aviation Safety Inspector, Electronics Technician, or Airway Transportation Safety Specialist positions. You can apply for many other FAA jobs by using the web-based application system located at Links to the ASAP system are also accessible from each job description page.

Hiring Tips

One way for a person to get hired by the FAA is through one of their special hiring programs. Students, ex-military, low-income earners, and others may qualify for special hiring consideration. For more information about the Veterans program, visit

As part of your interview preparation, become familiar with FAA rules and regulations as they apply to the position you’re interested in. Categories are Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMT), and Flight Crew (FC).

Copies of these rules regulations are available at most bookstores. Testing materials and practice exams are also available.

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