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There are many tasks associated with keeping an airline in business, and include behind-the-scenes jobs as well as flight crew positions. Many airline jobs are well paying and offer prestige as well as excitement and fantastic benefits. According to U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Flight crewmembers make up 33 percent of air transportation employment, and include pilots and flight attendants. Though pilots must already be trained and licensed to fly before an airlines will hire them, flight attendants are trained by the airline and do not require previous flight crew experience. The hiring process and training program for flight attendants is challenging and strict. Some of the most stressful jobs in the airlines are those of the flight crew because they’re responsible for the safety of the passengers in addition to themselves. However, flight crew jobs can be the most exciting positions in an airline, and job benefits include health insurance, retirement plans, and free or reduced air travel.

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Benefits are usually included with many airline jobs such as ticket agent and passenger service agent, among others. Some airline jobs require previous training and special degrees such as airframe and powerplant mechanics (A&Ps) and avionics technicians who are responsible for helping to keep the airlines’ aircraft flying safely. Technical or vocational schools are excellent sources for getting the certified training needed to land these higher paying and more technical jobs. Because of the constant advancements in technology, these jobs are almost always in demand and even after you’ve been hired, additional training will be necessary over time to keep up with industry standards. The advantage to this is that you’re always learning and being challenged, and that can keep a job interesting even over the long haul.

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As the airline industry recovers from the affects of 9/11, more jobs will open up and demand for qualified applicants will increase. Industry insiders are already reporting an increase in aviation jobs and are predicting a bright future provided that the events of 9/11 are not repeated.

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