Commercial Pilot Jobs

The most glamorous and high paying of all the jobs in the aviation industry are commercial pilots. At the top of the aviation ladder are the airline pilots who have years of seniority with a generous salary and a flexible schedule to show for it. They wear a uniform that catches everyone’s attention and earns the respect of children and adults alike. However, commercial airline pilots don’t earn their position overnight. It takes years of hard work and many hours of specialized and challenging training. Even after they’re hired, a pilot must regularly be tested and trained on emergency procedures as well as standard operations. Though glamorous, the job comes with a lot of responsibility. This is true for other pilots, too, those who work for smaller companies hauling cargo or ferrying planes.

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This section of AirlineJobFinder takes you through the commercial pilot sector, which is a primary role within the aviation industry. In the following pages, you’ll learn that airlines are now hiring pilots again after a difficult time post-9/11. Jobs are opening up not just with the big airlines, but also with mining companies and other industries that are now booming and will continue to do well into the future. Even with the numbers of commercial flight students that are graduating from schools across the U.S. and Canada, jobs are plentiful and demand for skilled pilots is growing.

In Focus: Pilots, Behind the Scenes

There are many different types of jobs commercial pilots can choose from, and we cover most of them here:

  • Captain for a Major or National Airline Jobs
  • Copilot or First Officer Flying Jobs
  • Test Pilot Jobs
  • Fight Instructor Jobs
  • Ferry Pilot Jobs
  • Flight engineer or Second officer Flying Jobs
  • Agricultural Flying Jobs
  • Air Traffic Reporting Flying Jobs
  • Cargo/Freight Flying Jobs
  • Commuter Flying Jobs
  • Corporate Flying Jobs
  • Helicopter Flying Jobs

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Pilot Jobs – Major Airlines