Airline Jobs – Sales Representative


Airline sales representatives are the folks who drum up business for an airline. Without these hard workers, airlines would not enjoy nearly the volume of travelers they have today. Sales representatives promote their airline to companies that are in the business of traveling. It is the responsibility of the sales rep to ensure that their airline comes to mind whenever someone considers taking a trip. Some sales representative positions require a degree of travel. In most cases, sales representatives make cold calls in addition to contacting existing customers. Sales reps may offer special package rates to companies or organizations hosting conferences or other large events. They may also negotiate with other airlines so the two companies can work in tandem for passengers who may need to fly more than one leg to reach their destination.


This airline career can be fast paced and there’s a career track to management. Benefits may include travel benefits.


Sales representatives are under a lot of pressure to accomplish their sales goals. When commissions comprise part of the salary, sales representatives are under even more pressure to be successful. They may have to deal with frustrating customers.


It’s typical for sales representatives to have a college degree in sales, business administration, marketing, communications, or a similar field. Previous sales experience may also be required, although many sales reps start out by working in other branches of an airline, especially reservations. A positive attitude, a friendly, outgoing manner, and a persuasive personality are other trademarks of the job. Depending on the customer base, a sales rep may have to speak multiple languages.


A college degree or a sales background may be required. Some airlines require a minimum age of 18 or older.


The airline usually provides training for sales representatives.

Salary and Benefits

Sales Representatives, Services, All Other: $22.70 hourly, $47,220 annual

Sales Representative: $44,490-$62,223

Salary for sales representatives may be comprised of base pay in addition to commissions. Benefits may include paid vacation, dental and life insurance, sick leave, retirement plan, free or reduced airfare for employees and immediate family members.

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