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Airport jobs are often the easiest to obtain in the aviation industry, especially for those without university degrees, special training, or job experience. Because many airports are like small cities, they offer a large variety of jobs. Custodial services can be physically demanding, and other jobs may be more customer service oriented, such as those in retail concessionaire shops, or working as an airport ambassador. While some airport jobs may require standing for many hours at a time, others do not.

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If you’re looking for a high paying job but do not have an advanced university degree, focus on getting getting a skycap job. Though the hourly wage for a skycap isn’t very high, they earn substantial amounts of money from tips. At many busy airports, the skycaps are the highest paid employees! Other high-paying jobs include airport directors or managers as well as airport planners or engineers. These positions require at least a four-year university degree, but in most cases, you’ll also need a specialized degree with an emphasis appropriate for that field such as business or architecture.

Another advantage to airport jobs is that they offer fantastic opportunities for advancement. This is true for several reasons. One is that turnover can be very high, so if you stick with one company for a while, there’s a great chance that you’ll eventually move up to a senior position with more pay and responsibilities. Because the airport is a small place, you can also make good contacts at other companies located on the premises, and this can lead to additional job opportunities. If you wish to land a job in aviation that’s not concession or retail related, apply for a position with a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Many jobs at FBO’s include tasks that involve the client’s aircraft, such as cleaning or servicing the plane.

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