Other Aviation Industry Jobs

This category comprises the many thousands of job titles available in aviation not covered in the other sectors. The list is long and with the constant advances in aviation, the jobs in this group are expanding all the time. An example is the aviation manufacturing industry. Traditionally, airplanes were built from one type of metal, such as aluminum. Nowadays, planes are built using composites which is a combination of materials that create a stronger, but lighter airframe. The result is more fuel efficiency and a lower operating cost. Engineers are needed to develop new composite materials and aircraft designs. Avionics is another field that is advancing rapidly, and engineers are needed to design aircraft that take advantage of the newest technology. Large as well as small manufacturing companies need assemblers to build these aircraft.

In Focus: Hawaiian Airlines’ Aircraft Mechanic Apprenticeship Program

Aviation is a world unto itself, and its parts are split into many categories that reflect all aspects of business. For those interested in a marketing or advertising career, jobs in that field may be found with aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, even governments that want to encourage tourism and easy access to their location by airplane.

Space travel has been around for many years, but it is now on the verge of becoming as common as traveling by airplane. The space travel industry will offer enormous numbers of jobs, the scope of which is limited only by one’s imagination. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is at the forefront of US development of civilian and military space travel. Privately held companies have also joined the space race in the hopes that they’ll be able to offer space travel to the private and commercial sectors. As it establishes itself, space travel is almost certain to offer lucrative positions for many aspects of the aviation industry, from marketing to engineering and everything in-between.

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