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Airport concessionaires are the retail shops, bars, coffee shops, newsstands, parking lots, car rental agencies, shuttle transportation service, and food service companies located within an airport or on airport grounds. Although working in airport concessions can be similar to working in your nearby food store, it is often a way to familiarize yourself with an airport and eventually work your way up to a senior position in that or another company. Concessionaires often have a high turnover rate and the jobs tend to require little experience. Each concession stand does their own hiring, so approach the ones you’re interested in and apply directly with them.


Working for a concessionaire is a great way to break into the aviation industry in a behind-the-scenes role. Opportunities for advancement are plentiful because the companies often have a high turnover rate and the jobs require little previous experience.


Working in retail, fast food, and other kinds of concessions can be hectic, stressful, noisy, and requires wearing a uniform as well as weekend, night, and holiday shifts.


Must be able to stand for at least eight hours a day. Job candidates should have basic math skills and the ability to run a cash register, a willingness to work weekends, nights, and holidays. Some jobs may require lifting boxes or equipment up to 70 pounds.


A high school diploma or equivalent may be required. Some concessionaires require employees to be at least 18 years of age. A pre-employment drug test and background check is usually required. Senior food service personnel positions require more extensive restaurant or food service experience, and possibly a culinary degree or vocational training. For jobs requiring driving, a clean driving record will be required.


Most concession training occurs on the job.

Salary and Benefits

Concession Worker: $7-$14 per hour (

Depending on the job, duties, and company, pay ranges from $7-$14 per hour. Some companies offer benefits such as discounted meals or merchandise and free airport parking.

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