Airport Jobs – Emergency Services


Airport emergency services personnel include firefighters, firefighter medics, and police officers. Duties vary by job, but may include rescuing people from aircraft, airfield, or airport vehicle crashes, fire or accident prevention, investigation or inspections, public education, crowd control, and security. Emergency services personnel provide CPR and other emergency responses. In addition to their other duties, police officers may enforce traffic and parking rules. Emergency services personnel are often the first to provide medical help on the scene. They may also have to deal with the containment and cleanup of hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction.


Working in emergency services can be very rewarding because of the challenge and the opportunity to help people and save lives.


Working in emergency services often means being in extremely stressful situations in which people may be seriously injured. The job may require being on call 24 hours a day and working swing and graveyard shifts, holidays, and weekends. The work may involve hazardous conditions. Firefighters must be able to lift at least 25 pounds in extreme heat.


The ability to work as a team is important, as is attention to detail. Emergency services personnel must stay calm under duress and extremely stressful conditions. Job candidates must be able to pass a federal background check, medical exam, and drug test.


Must be 18 years old and have a high school degree or equivalent. Some emergency services personnel must have state certified EMT certification. A valid driver’s license is usually required. Previous experience in emergency services at an airport is preferred. Firefighting positions usually require college or vocational degrees in firefighting, fire science, and hazardous materials or hazmat training.


Depending on the position, newly hired emergency services personnel may enter an extended and thorough training program provided by their employer. Most jobs have a probationary period of up to 18 months during which additional training and evaluation will be included. Training will consist of classroom and practical training.

Salary and Benefits
Firefighter $40,000- $60,000
Firefighter Medic $44,000- $67,000
Police Officer $43,000-$65,000

Fire and Crash Rescue $16,000-$48,000

Police Patrol Officer $38,141- $54,011

Benefits may include paid vacation and holidays, insurance, and retirement plan.

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