Airline Jobs – Cabin Maintenance / Service Person


Cabin maintenance crew, sometimes referred to as cabin maintenance mechanics or service persons, are responsible for keeping the interior and exterior of a plane in like-new condition. This work may be contracted out by the airline to another company or they may handle it themselves. Duties include a wide range of tasks that may include emptying trash, cleaning all windows, vacuuming carpet, painting aircraft interiors, removing or installing seats and carpet. Cabin maintenance crew may also repair upholstery, clean the cockpit, clean lavatories, and restock supplies. At some smaller airlines or charter companies, cabin maintenance mechanics may also de-ice the wings and control surfaces as well as wash and polish the plane’s exterior. However, at larger airlines, the ramp service personnel usually performs those duties.


Many find the challenge of working as a cabin maintenance mechanic to be reward in itself. Working in the airline industry provides many benefits, such as discounted airfares.


Cabin maintenance mechanics must work occasionally work outside, regardless of the weather conditions. Because aircraft operate around the clock, cabin maintenance mechanics must also work around the clock. They must work quickly and in close quarters, sometimes with several other people at once. For security reasons, cabin maintenance mechanics must wear uniforms. Delays to the aircraft’s schedule are unacceptable, so cabin maintenance mechanic are under pressure to perform their job well and in a short time.


High school diploma or equivalent is often required. If vehicles are driven, a valid driver’s license and clean driving record is necessary. An attention to detail is a prerequisite.


Some aspects of a cabin maintenance mechanic’s job require mechanical skills that if not acquired on the job from previous employment will have to substitute that with training from a vocational school.


Depending on the airline and the cabin maintenance mechanic’s duties, the company may provide specialized training.

Salary and Benefits

Pay ranges from $10.00-$17.00 per hour. Benefits may include paid vacation, dental and life insurance, sick leave, retirement plan, free or reduced airfare for employees and immediate family members.

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