Airport Jobs – Sky Cap


Skycaps are hired by the airport to stand by the curb in front of airline entrances and help passengers with loading, unloading, and carting their baggage. They also answer questions about flight schedules and general terminal access. They may also check in luggage at the curb, flag down taxis, and perform other customer services. A skycap may work inside or outside the airport while assisting passengers with their baggage. They may help passengers retrieve bags from the carousel and transport them to their car using a dolly or cart.


Working in the airline industry is exciting and many enjoy working behind the scenes. Skycaps are considered one of the most overpaid jobs available because of the lucrative amount of money they make in tips.


Skycaps must work outside in all types of weather conditions. The job is physically demanding because it requires lifting, loading, and unloading heavy bags as well as long periods of standing or walking. The job can be stressful, especially when passengers are demanding or in a hurry to catch a flight. Because planes fly at all hours, skycaps are needed around the clock and that can mean working nights, weekends, and holidays. Uniforms must be worn for this job. When airport security is elevated, curbside check-in is suspended, and that means skycaps can’t work.


Candidates for skycap positions should be in good physical shape and be service oriented with good people skills.


Skycaps are entry-level positions, usually requiring only a high school diploma or equivalent. Some airports may have a minimum age requirement.


Most of the training is on-the-job.

Salary and Benefits

$13,200-$25,200 plus lucrative tips which can easily double the base pay.

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