Government Aviation Jobs

Aviation is a vital part of modern life, and airplanes are used extensively in government, both at the Federal and the State or Provincial level. Not only are flight crews needed to fill these positions, but ground support crews are also an integral part of the picture. In many levels of government, aviation makes it possible to protect citizens and provide the services that we have come to expect.

TSA Secuity Screener at LAX Airport

Though the United States President travels on Air Force One, other government employees, politicians, and officials travel on smaller, less expensive aircraft. These are often airplanes that the government charters or owns. This mode of air transportation is faster and more convenient than taking commercial flights, though some government employees will also travel that way. But using government controlled aircraft also ensures privacy and added security in addition to the convenience.

State and local law enforcement also travel by air for many occasions. They may use airplanes for surveillance work, law enforcement purposes, or for simple transportation. Air travel provides additional security, the element of surprise, and a fast means of getting from one place to another.

Aviation plays another important role in our governments. Aircraft are often used to fight fires-both to spot them and to drop retardant or water on the fire. Firefighting crews are often dropped into a fire location by air and may be picked up later by helicopter or airplane. The Forest Service often uses airplanes and helicopters over remote country to monitor trail conditions, hazardous areas, or to enforce the law. Government agencies use planes and support crew to monitor wild animals or livestock, climate conditions, or provide assistance to search and rescue teams.

There are many aviation jobs within the government sector. Knowing what those jobs are and how to find them is what this section of AirlineJobFinder is all about.

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