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The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is a new agency, having only been created in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist acts against the United States, perpetrated using commercial aircraft. In the beginning, the TSA fell under jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. Since 2003, they are now under the Department of Homeland Security which was formed in 2002. Their website is located at

Most people associate the TSA with only aviation security but they are also responsible for the security of people and materials by rail, highway, and any other form of transport, including by air. However, in this post 9/11 world, aviation security is now a top priority and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, if ever. That’s why jobs are plentiful with the TSA all over the country. In fact, one of the TSA’s goals is to hire and train security officers for more than 450 commercial airports in the United States. They are also responsible for screening all checked luggage for explosives.

Hiring Tips

Because the TSA is concerned with security, all job applicants must have a clean criminal and drug history. This means that if you are a convicted felon, or have been convicted of spousal abuse or other violent crimes, it’s unlikely that the TSA will hire you. Drug convictions are another red flag. Not only does the TSA consider your background and history carefully, they want to make sure that applicants are not currently taking illegal drugs, have an alcohol addiction, or are prone to violence. Before applying for a position with the TSA, you can run a background check on yourself through one of many agencies listed in search engines on the web. Make sure that your background history is accurate, and resolve any issues before applying for a job.

When applying for a TSA job, you’ll need to prove that you’re a United States citizen. For this, you can provide them with a copy of your valid birth certificate or U.S. passport. A physical examination is part of the application screening, as is a physical ability and aptitude test. In addition, TSA applicants should have an excellent command of the English language, including the ability to write, speak, and read well.

Hiring for the TSA is handled through an outside agency. Check out the latest TSA jobs available at The website provides information on individual jobs and offers you the opportunity to apply online.In Canada, Transport Canada is responsible for aviation security.

This section covers a variety of jobs in this field

  • Transportation Security Officer (TSO or Screener)
  • Supervisory Federal Air Marshal, Special Agent in Charge
  • Federal Air Marshal Service Mission Support Positions
  • Federal Air Marshal

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