Airline Jobs – Airline Station Agent


The most important duty of the station agent or manager, sometimes known as the district operations manager, is taking care of the overall operations of a given airline at a particular airport. This encompasses both flight and ground support operations and involves coordinating flight crew, cargo crew, baggage crew, ground crew, and the information that must be communicated among all these teams. The agent or manager must make sure that cargo is properly loaded and that the plane is safe for flight. At smaller airports, the agent may even be required to sell tickets and check baggage. Airline station agents or managers are hired through the individual airlines. They work closely with the airline’s operations agent, but not with the airport’s manager.


People in station agent jobs frequently enjoy travel benefits.


Station agents often work under stressful conditions and must make difficult decisions in a timely manner. They may have to deal with difficult or uncooperative people. The safety of the crew and passengers depends in part on the station agent making the right decisions. Station agents must be able to jump from one task to another without it affecting the quality of their work.


Airline station agents and managers must have strong managerial skills and several years of experience, or they may substitute work experience with appropriate education. Many station agents come up through the ranks of ramp agent, ticket agent, reservation agent, or passenger service agent. In this manner, they are able to gain first-hand knowledge of all facets of an airline’s operations. They must have strong written and verbal communication skills. They should be able to lift at least 70 pounds of baggage.


Most airlines prefer candidates to have a bachelor’s degree and work experience in the airlines industry.


The airline usually provides training for station managers.

Salary and Benefits

First-line supervisors/managers of office and administrative support workers: $49,230.

Benefits may include paid vacation, dental and life insurance, sick leave, retirement plan, free or reduced airfare for employees and immediate family members.

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