Airline Jobs – Crew Schedule Coordinator


The duties of an airline crew schedule coordinator vary depending on the airline’s size, but in almost all cases, he or she is responsible for ensuring adequate staffing of aircrew and ground support to keep flights on schedule. If weather or mechanical difficulties delay a flight, it is the crew scheduler’s responsibility to make sure schedule adjustments are made so that travelers arrive at their destination on time. Crew schedulers also consult seniority lists and time-off requests when scheduling flight crews. When scheduling crews, he or she must consider the FAA’s or Transport Canada’s rules and restrictions regarding minimum and maximum working hours. If there are applicable union restrictions, the scheduler must consider those too.


Aviation industry careers tend to be fast paced and ever-changing. Employees enjoy travel benefits, retirement plans, camaraderie.


Crew schedulers often work under stressful conditions and must make difficult decisions in a timely manner. They may have to deal with difficult or uncooperative people. The job may require working nights, weekends, and holidays.


Job candidates must have strong organizational skills and excellent communications skills, including the ability to write and speak English fluently. They should have good computer and phone skills.


A high school diploma or equivalent is required, though a four-year degree in an air transportation field is preferred. Some airlines require a minimum age of 18 or older.


The airline usually provides training for schedulers.

Salary and Benefits

$8-$24 per hour (

Benefits may include paid vacation, dental and life insurance, sick leave, retirement plan, free or reduced airfare for employees and immediate family members.

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