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An airline flight instructor provides recurrent training for the airline’s pilots. This type of flight instructor is different from those who work at private flight schools teaching students who have not yet obtained their private or commercial license. Airline flight instructors may be senior pilots who fly for the airline. These instructors review the rules, regulations, meteorology and other subjects or areas of focus that airline pilots must know. Instruction occurs in ground school classes, and may also involve flight school as well as simulator training. Because the FAA and Transport Canada require commercial airline pilots to pass written, oral, and practical tests on a regular basis, the airline flight instructor helps them to prepare for these exams. In most cases, each flight instructor develops their own course material and teaching strategies.


Working in the airline industry in a pilot or pilot training capacity carries heavy responsibilities and be high paying. There are also travel benefits associated with this job.


The airline flight instructor is expected to have a high pass rate among all their students who take exams. It’s the instructor’s responsibility to provide correct information and good training in order to assure the airline’s best chance at maintaining a good airline safety record.


Airline flight instructors must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and teaching ability. Many airlines prefer candidates who have previous experience as a commercial airline pilot as well as being an airline fight instructor. Job candidates should be very familiar with the types of aircraft that the airline uses.


To qualify as a flight instructor an air transport or commercial pilot’s license and a flight instructor’s license are required. In addition, they must have endorsements for the type of aircraft used by the airline, such as multi-engine or floatplane ratings.


In addition to previous training to obtain their certifications, flight instructors may receive some additional training from the airlines.

Flight Instructor Salary and Benefits

Benefits usually include paid vacation, dental and life insurance, sick leave, retirement plan, free or reduced airfare for employees and immediate family members.

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