Transportation Industry Analyst


Transportation Industry Analysts are responsible for developing and designing systems and methods in the promotion of commercial space transportation by the United States. Duties including working with technical experts and Reusable Launch Vehicle and Launch/Reentry Site developers to ensure complicity with FAA rules and regulations. Space travel is an emerging industry and part of the job entails determining new procedures and processes. Responsibilities also include analyzing United States trade policy regarding the space transportation industry. The analyst promotes the use of remote sensing, GPs, and the use of United States commercial launch vehicles and radio frequencies at commercial launch sites.


Transportation Industry Analysts must constantly educate themselves on new and emerging technologies. Understanding and dealing with the complexities of legal issues and multi-government policies can be frustrating.


Candidates must have a through understanding of laws, regulations, practices, and procedures to analyze the economics of commercial space programs. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are necessary. Knowledge and understanding of strategic business planning within the context of the commercial space industry is preferred.


Applicants must be United States citizens. Previous work experience in areas appropriate to this position are required, though some work experience may be substituted with equivalent post high-school education at an accredited four-year college or university.


Some training will be provided on the job.


Most clerical positions are weekdays.

Salary and Benefits

Benefits include life and health insurance, competitive salaries, retirement programs, paid holidays, vacation, and sick days.

$65,048.00 – $118,828.00

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