Federal Air Marshal Service Mission Support Positions


The Federal Air Marshal Service relies on a number of support personnel in order to perform its mission to protect the aviation industry and public. These Mission Support Positions include human resources, medical professionals, analysts, attorneys, administrative specialists, instructors, logistics management specialists, information technology specialists, clerical personnel, receptionists, and others. The Federal Air Marshal Service is heavily involved in the collection, interpretation, and dissemination to appropriate agencies of domestic and foreign intelligence information. This information is sensitive in nature and must be handled discreetly and through proper channels.


Working for the Federal Air Marshal Service in any position can be stressful because of the work involved. It can also be very challenging to keep information secret and confidential, particularly when the knowledge of certain things may affect the well-being of one’s family and friends.


Candidates should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They should also be able to effectively research and analyze information.


Candidates for the position of Federal Air Marshal Service Mission Support Positions must be United States citizens or nationals. Applicants may have to pass a background investigation and other tests as part of the hiring process. Those who are hired may be subject to random alcohol and drug testing. For some positions, applicants must be able to qualify for and maintain a Top Secret Security clearance.


Depending on the position, the Federal Air Marshal Service may provide on the job training to new hires and long-term employees. For many positions, previous experience and training may be required as a condition of being hired.


Scheduling varies greatly, depending on the support position. In most cases, office employees will work weekday shifts. Some positions may require working nights, holidays, or weekends.

Salary and Benefits

Benefits include health and life insurance, personal leave days, ten paid holidays per year, flexible spending accounts, a uniform allowance, family medical leave plan, retirement plan, transportation subsidies, and paid training.

Salary varies significantly by position and the applicant’s experience and previous job history.

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