Federal Air Marshal


Federal Air Marshals are responsible for detecting and neutralizing threats or hostile acts directed against United States aircraft, airports, flight crews, or passengers. Marshals are armed Federal law enforcement officers deployed undercover on commercial flights around the world. They also participate in investigations and work with other agencies to prevent terrorist acts.


Federal Air Marshals have to face dangerous situations without the possibility of calling in backup. They must be able to think clearly and perform under extreme duress. Because they will be in close quarters with innocent civilians nearby, they must have the ability to fire their weapon extremely accurately if they deem it necessary in a threatening situation.


Candidates should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They should also be able to effectively research and analyze information.


Candidates for the position of Federal Air Marshal must be a United States citizen or national. Applicants must successfully pass a background investigation, written application, medical examination, psychological assessment, and other tests as part of the hiring process. Those who are hired are subject to random alcohol and drug testing. The ability to qualify for and maintain a Top Secret Security clearance is required as is a positive favorable Since Scope Background Investigation (SSBI).


The TSA trains Federal Air Marshals in self-defense, firearms proficiency, investigative techniques, criminal terrorist behavior recognition, and in other areas.


Scheduling is varied and dependant on assignment as well as airline schedules. Federal Air Marshals can expect to spend much of their time away from home when assigned to international or long domestic flights.

Salary and Benefits

Benefits include health and life insurance, personal leave days, ten paid holidays per year, flexible spending accounts, a uniform allowance, family medical leave plan, retirement plan, transportation subsidies, and paid training.

Salary: $54,100.00 – $83,900.00

TSA Jobs – Supervisory Federal Air Marshal, Special Agent in Charge