Electronics Engineer


FAA electronics engineers play a critical role in the integration of various operations within the National Airspace System (NAS). Among other electrical engineering duties, the electronics engineer supports the automated systems used by air traffic control. He or she is also instrumental in the development and implementation of financial and human resources for the completion of projects. The electronics engineer works with other FAA departments and offices as well as companies or individuals outside the agency. He or she occasionally evaluates and tests navigation, communication, and surveillance systems.


The job of an electronics engineer can be stressful and challenging, but one who works for the FAA must also take into account the complicated needs of an aviation facility, commercial airlines, and the safety of the flying public.


Candidates for the position of electronics engineer must have an attention to detail, understand and follow complex directions, and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. The ability to work as part of a team is also essential, as is a willingness to take initiative and make sound decisions regarding serious and complex issues.


Applicants must be United States citizens. A four-year bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering from an accredited university or college is required. Work history of at least one full year in an engineering capacity is usually necessary. A thorough understanding of National Airspace Systems is necessary, including all control of aircraft at aviation facilities.


Some training will be provided on the job.


The schedule is usually a standard workweek.

Electronics Engineer Salary and Benefits

Benefits include life and health insurance, competitive salaries, retirement programs, paid holidays, vacation, and sick days.

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